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Lifting panels

Functional divisions between two sections.

Do you want to move products between two rooms within your company where the temperature is different? Then lifting panels are an energy saving and efficient solution. Opening and closing can be fully automatic in combination with your internal transport systems.
We add maximum value to your business processes because we completely understand your specific situation and adjust our lifting panels to this fully. We design, produce, install and maintain lifting panels for companies in different sectors.


Our automatic lifting panels have a Gatemaster® drive. This drive ensures your panel opens exactly with the height and speed that you need.


Our MeerDeur® lifting panels are robust panels made of steel and aluminium that safeguard the continuity of your business operations optimally.

Maximum added value.

Lifting panels are suitable to have large numbers of products pass through with maximum functionality and energy saving.
Move products between different rooms smoothly.
Extensive security and safety options.
Save energy by only opening panels when required.
In-house produced using durable materials.

Consultancy and production.

We are effective because we have all disciplines ranging from consultancy to production. We can also do installation and maintenance for our Dutch customers. If we are talking about speed, flexibility and reliability, there is simply no better supplier.


Always the best solution for your situation.


Custom-made doors with a worldwide track record.

Interested about
the added value of our doors?

Allow us to advise you about performance, return on investment, sustainability and experience. Together we will find the best solution for your situation.