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Always a durable solution.

We always achieve doors of the highest quality due to the durable materials and innovative engineering that we use. Doors where efficiency and durability matter. Door that add value and save energy. We always have a durable solution for your specific door requirements.

Safeguarding quality


MeerDeur complies with various certifications regarding safety, production, sustainability, the environment and health. This is how we safeguard our quality and sustainability.

VCA** stands for Veiligheid, Gezondheid en Milieu (VGM) Checklist Contractors and is meant to safeguard working safely. We have two stars, which ensures for even safer doors, production and installation.

MeerDeur is a member of the Koninklijke Metaalunie Dutch organisation for small- and medium-sized enterprises active in the metal industry. We therefore work based on the general delivery and payment terms and conditions issued by the Koninklijke Metaalunie.

Added value

Doors that save

You will save energy with our automatic doors. The doors will be open as little as possible and therefore you will minimise the loss of heat or cold within your building. Our doors are also the solution for optimum climate control.

We know how to translate your sustainability requirements into doors and automation with a maximum added value. More sustainability, performance, return on investment and experience. Less maintenance, worries and costs. You can expect more from MeerDeur.

In-house production

Sustainably produced.

We have the most modern of production facilities and most advanced machines. This means that every door and door drive is entirely custom made with as little residual materials as possible. Energy is generated using solar panels for our in-house production. We continue to optimise our process for people and the environment.

Using aluminium as the base material ensures that a multitude of applications is possible. It is also a maintenance-low and sustainable material that is lightweight and robust. We always have sustainable door solutions that fit in with your requirements.

Interested about
the added value of our doors?

Allow us to advise you about performance, return on investment, sustainability and experience. Together we will find the best solution for your situation.