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A fully automatic door? Waiting for a door is a thing of the past with the Gatemaster® drive: it will open at exactly the width and speed that you want. You will also limit to a minimum energy losses between sections.

Increase accessibility and the look and feel.

Reliable and robust automation.

Use friendly and broadly applicable.

Create an automatic opening between two spaces.

Added value

Automatic doors that add value.

With a Gatemaster® door drive, your door will contribute to your processes, experience and performance. The efficiency of a Gatemaster® drive goes hand-in-hand with maximum safety. The speed of opening and closing the automatic door can, moreover, be arranged in such a way that you limit energy loss to a minimum.

In-house production and installation

Fits in with your requirements.

We provide advice, design and produce various models of our Gatemaster® doors and drives. Our drives have many different options as standard. From summer to winter mode, it works with radars or via operation from the reception and is available with a wireless hand transmitter, push button and many other options.

We fully understand your specific situation and our automatic doors are completely adjusted towards this. This means that we add value to your business processes and customer experience.


Always the best solution for your situation.


Assured of added value.

Interested about
the added value of our doors?

Allow us to advise you about performance, return on investment, sustainability and experience. Together we will find the best solution for your situation.