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Doors for the non-residential sector.

A use-friendly door with the right experience? With our (automatic) doors, you will create an optimum building look and feel and work environment. Together with you, we will search for the best door solution that fits in with your office, business premises or non-residential building.

We specialise in providing advice, designing, producing, installing and maintaining doors and door drives for the non-residential sector. You will therefore be assured of expertise, custom-made solutions and a large freedom of choice in relation to systems.

Will you be choosing automatic doors? With our strong insulting automatic doors, you will save energy and create a healthy and comfortable indoor climate in your office or business building.


Limitless door solutions for the non-residential sector.

Automatic doors

Improve accessibility and
save energy.

Sliding doors

Guaranteed unimpeded

Revolving doors

Reliable and can be used
very widely.
Our brands

Brands that you
can trust.

Sit down for a meeting with our consultant.

Designing and producing doors are our core business. At MeerDeur, you will be talking to a consultant who immediately understands what is important and who realises added value through creative solutions.

Always the best solution for your situation.

Analysis and advice




Service & maintenance


Custom-made doors with a worldwide track record.

Interested about
the added value of our doors?

Allow us to advise you about performance, return on investment, sustainability and experience. Together we will find the best solution for your situation.